"At The N3W, web design is taken seriously. If we don't have an answer, we find it. If there is a better way of doing it, we'll take it. The goal is to give our clients the best possible presence that they can have on the web."


Website Design

We use WordPress, custom HTML, CSS, and a whole-lot of caffeine to build websites that look absolutely unique.

Application Development

Code on a computer screen.

Sometimes, the existing tools don't quite cut it. We build and deliver specialized computing solutions on a variety of platforms.


The hardest part of any good website or application is not, in fact, the initial development. The hardest part is keeping it running.


We are a small coastal company, based out of Newport, Oregon. We hold the ideals of good web design very highly, and would love to see everyone in our community adopt them. That is why the N3W exists: to accomplish this together.

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Bryan Pratt Construction

The work the Bryan Pratt has done over the years has been spectacular.   To help him show this work to others and future clients, we here at the n3w built the perfect tool for the task.

Planet Computers

PC Newport uses their website to advertise special services and book new computer-service appointments.

West Coast Massage

Denny Runions has been practicing Massage Therapy in Newport, Oregon, since 1998.   West Coast Massage's webpage features a convenient map, as well as other information to help her and her clients.

Seascape Home Innovations


Seascape Home Innovations assists property owners in Lincoln County.